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How To Choose The Right Domain For Your Business

So you’ve decided to take your business online, one of the first steps in the creation of a website is the domain name. It’s now 2022 so it’s going to be hard to find a great domain that isn’t taken, a domain needs to be clean and memorable especially if you are running a business for people to remember your online presence if they ever wanted to go back on to your website to look through your service or call you.

Creating a website for your business is crucial in today’s time as businesses that are refusing to get with the times will be left behind by the competition that are focusing on reaching people on every channel possible.

It’s smart to not create a domain that is too long, reads weird or something that’s very specific. We’ve created this quick guideline so that you can create a domain name that is memorable, brandable and people will easily search for it!

Here’s how to choose the right domain for your business!

Why Does A Good Domain Matter?

Picking a domain name that’s good matters because if you’ve nailed everything in terms of your business name, layout, logo and branding. If your domain name is off putting it can lead to a decrease in visitors and end up hurting your businesses revenue.

If the web addresses that you’ve chosen for your business are true to your company name, easy to remember & type people will easily access your site through the search bar. Your domain through Google search is the first impression between you and a user, if it looks off putting to them, they won’t click on your website full stop.

The last thing you want to be doing when your site is online is having to change your domain as it’s a task which requires some effort and can even have consequences on your current site as good will see it as a newly created domain. Getting it right the first time can save you time and money plus even help gain you revenue!

Choose A Top Level Domain

A top level domain is making sure the end section of your domain is ones that are top level. What do we mean by a top level domain? The most common top level domains that you will come across on the online world is .com,, .net and .org there has also been an increase in people using .ai for SAAS websites.

Old school in this case is the best way to go about it, having a website domain that has .com or is often the best choice to have in your domain to be shown as top-level.

You can find web design agencies that can source you top level domains that have been taken that represent your business, there are a lot of top businesses that have been around a long time and haven’t needed an online presence until recently, can find that their domain has been taken and is currently not being used. 

You will have to reach out to form a deal with the current domain owner to transfer it for your business to use.

Keep Your Domain Is Short

Short domains will always reign better than long domains in the online world, there’s a couple of reasons why short domains work better than long ones. Shorter names are easier for users to remember when searching meaning you’ll create a better branding experience for people.

Long domain can often look untrustworthy to people searching for your business and if you run a reliable reputable business it can be annoying for something as simple as a domain to come across untrustworthy.

Avoid Using Hyphens

It can be annoying thinking you’ve found the perfect domain for your site but finding it’s been taken by someone so one of the first people think is to start putting hyphens in their website domain while it can seem creative at the time, it can be damaging for the success of your website.

When creating a domain for your business, be sure that you are avoiding anything that isn’t a letter. Small little details like this can go a long for your site as people will remember your site.

Use Keywords If Possible

Website content creation is key when creating a website, you need it to be readable, informative and persuasive for people to work with your business but it also needs to be friendly for Google searches and the same can go for domain creation.

Keywords don’t just work on content but they work with domains, if you are a roofer in a certain area your domain can be something such as ‘’ and when people search for ‘your area roofer’ Google will favor your domain more as it believes that is your business name.

Don’t just use keywords for the sake of it, the keywords that you are using should be relevant to your service & business so if you are planning to use keywords for your domain research it beforehand.