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What Are The Different Types Of Websites In 2022

There are many different types of websites that you may come across on the internet, all of them fall under ‘a website’ but there’s different categories amongst their purposes. There’s many common ones that you probably already know such as eCommerce websites, blogs and then business types of websites from accountants to tradesmen.

Knowing these different types of websites can help you learn in more detail about them and explain how they work so that you can build them or just if you want more knowledge on the subject.

We’ve written this article for you so you can understand the different types of websites that you may come across online.

If you are browsing the internet looking on getting yourself or a business online, then it could be worth looking into hiring a web designer to help build a website, this can help save you the time of building a website from scratch to focus on more important tasks throughout your day and if you are in the market for something that’s bespoke with features you may not get on a DIY website.

So let’s begin on what are the different types of websites you may come across while browsing the internet.


One of the most popular websites people create often is a blog, now a blog can either be personal just to you or you can create a blog sort of brand such as a blog on a certain city e.g. Best London Places. There’s a lot of possibilities you can create with a blog.

Blogs can be written in both formal and informal style depending on what kind of route you want to take in your content creation, blogs have become very popular over time due there’s a low running cost and it can be easily monetized if successful leading to high profits.

Overtime blogs have mostly been dominated by content writers who can successfully create content that is SEO friendly, the more SEO friendly your content is the more Google will show it in the searches.

Business Website

It’s incredibly important if you are a small business or a large corporation that you have a website online for people to search for, having an online presence is key to building credibility between you and potential prospects. Having a website that is professionally made and looks the part can help you get an edge on the competition.

Unlike an eCommerce store, often business websites do not do direct purchases through the site but you can use these websites to provide crucial information about your business and what services you can offer. On corporate websites, there’s often ways on the website you can contact them whether that’d be a button to phone them or the ability to request a quote which leads to more revenue for your business.

One of the main selling points of having a business website for your company is that it’s visible for people to visit twenty four hours every day unlike if you run a brick & mortar store, there’s only certain hours you are open meaning certain people won’t be able to reach you in time and could result in losing money you didn’t even know was there. Being online all time, can help people enquire and read information from the comfort of their own home.

eCommerce Stores

An eCommerce store is basically a brick & mortar store but in the online world, it allows you to create a shopping experience from the internet. You are able to take online payments for products and even services. A lot of eCommerce platforms allow you to combine different types of websites as you may have noticed that brands have blogs which allow them to post articles and even some business websites have an eCommerce platform on them.

Portfolio / CV

People can create digital portfolios or a CV for people to view, these types of websites are mainly created to promote the work done by a group or someone or a live CV can help people be constantly searched by potential headhunters leading to better and more lucrative jobs.

You will mostly find that portfolio websites are created for the creative sector such as artists, photographers and many more.

Educational Websites

There are two different types of educational websites, there are websites that are created for people in the educational sector such as schools, colleges and universities. This is to help give parents and publics more information on how the school they are potentially visiting runs and what they can expect.

The other type of educational website is built in mind to display informative info on certain topics to help people gain more knowledge on a certain subject. This can either be in a formal way with just text for people to read like a digital book or you can create something that keeps the visitor hooked such as an interactive game that helps them learn at the same time.

Social Media

A website that people probably visit the most in the world everyday on our social media platforms, many people use social media via apps on their iPhone and Android but before these times, they first started out as a website.

These include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even MySpace! These sites are usually created for people to share their thoughts, images they’ve taken and for people to connect with people they’ve met or with similar people from far away.

Social media has probably even become the go-to place for people to read up on the news with news outlets constantly posting or tweeting the news out.


There are more websites out there such as streaming sites like Netflix, crowdfunding pages like GoFundMe and many more different types but these are ones you are most likely to come across when you are browsing online.

If you are looking to find more about websites, we recently wrote an article on how a website can help grow your business. Now that you understand the different types, you can start to see how these websites are made, you can begin to learn on how they can help you if you are running a business.