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How Much Will Web Design Cost My Business?

If you are a business owner that’s currently on the lookout to put your business on the internet by getting a website created you may find that pricing for a website can often be vague. 

When it comes down to knowing how much a website will truly cost, the only right answer is ‘it depends’ there are a lot of companies that will have set-prices for website creation but often it will be limited such as 3 page creation etc. If you are looking for something a bit more such as booking forms, added pages explaining services and many more then there’s a few price factors to take in.

If you are looking for a website that’s amazingly made and works like a charm then going for a free website builder software maybe isn’t the best idea, there’s an old saying that you often ‘get what you pay for’ and that’s the case most times when looking for web design creation. That doesn’t mean to say that you won’t often get website creation above the price you’ve paid as the market is competitive and people are looking to grow their business successfully by creating high-quality websites for their clients.

The Range Of Web Designer Costs

A good way to think of website design is like when you are on the market looking for a new car. At the top end, you’ve got your ferraris, lamborghinis, rolls royces and many more (not to say a website would cost you the same as one of these cars!) 

These cars cost a pretty penny to purchase but they are your top range stuff and the same goes when looking for a website, if your a business that’s pulling in high-numbers your going to want a website that’s rapid, has loads of features that other websites may not have and keeps visitors on your site truly engaged.

Then you have your Audis, BMW and Mercedes type cars. These cars are known for looking great, work like a charm and give off a professional vibe to people who see them. These are your mid to bordering on high-range websites, these may not cost you as much as top-range websites but can bring you an insanely high success rate.

Finally you have your second-hand cars that come with that massive added risk of being unreliable and overused, these are your free website builders such as Wix and Squarespace, using a website builder such as this can limit your designs and it can often come off looking very unprofessional by people that visit your website leading to potential lost sales and clients.

Another big damaging factor that can be taken into using website builders is that they often portray themselves as ‘cheap’ but often have many hidden prices attached to it which over the years can lead your business into paying hundreds for a website that’s not worth it. Often like a second-hand car is portrayed as a cheap option but can lead to you paying thousands in constantly getting it repaired!

What Factors Are Taken Into The Cost

There’s many factors that come with web design that can affect the final cost, first of all you are paying for research of your business which is crucially needed to successfully reach your target audience in a way they’ll understand, the design of your website, content creation which is writing up all your pages on the website that is SEO Friendly, hosting your website and many more.

Many agencies will often say a quote price beforehand on what you are offering as a one-time fee when it comes to cost but a lot of freelancers may charge you per hour on the cost of your website which can often sometimes be shady and rack up big prices for a website to honest business owners.

Make sure when you are looking on the market for website design and creation that you are finding someone with honest pricing and is highly-rated by clients that they have worked with.

Is It Worth Outsourcing My Website To Someone?

A big mistake businesses often make is they believe a website is just something you should have on the side and people will rely on their social media pages and word of mouth and referrals but that only gets you so far.

Believing that it’s not such an important task, they will attempt to do it by themselves which is a waste of time in itself as you are only limiting the success of your business by doing this. It’s best to outsource the creation of your website to someone who is an expert in web design, this way you can get web creation that’s tailored exactly to your business and is built in mind to be search engine friendly so your business is seen on Google.

But then you can fall into another mistake which people make when they decide to outsource is attempting to get a website created for a cheap price by an agency or freelancer in another country. There are many problems that you face when running the risk of dealing with someone from another country e.g. different time zones can make it difficult for communication, massive language barrier when creating your website can lead to content being written poorly, harder to trust them with sensitive information as they live halfway across the globe and many more.

It’s often best to stick with a web design business that’s close to your local area or inside your own country at least as there’s no issues on time zone difference, you can communicate and relate with them on a level and content will be written in perfect english.

You need to see your website as a must investment as overtime your website will often make back what you’ve spent over-ten fold.

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