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How To Hire A Web Designer: An Easy Guide

Creating a website is a hard task especially if you’ve had no experience and even more if you are running a business at the same time. Finding a web designer that can help you craft the perfect website for your business, you may be wondering where to start.

Before you start it’s worth noting that investing in a web designer can help save you a massive amount of stress, time and money. You don’t want to spend hours trying to craft the perfect website that you’ve created in your mind leading to a poorly designed website or not finishing the project all together, both scenarios can lead to you losing money. 

We’ve written a full article on the massive benefits that come when hiring a web designer to create 

The problem is that anyone with a laptop and a bit of confidence can claim they are a web designer and try and shill you a website under false promises. That’s why we created this guide that can help you find the perfect web designer to create a stunning website for your business.

Understand What You Need

Before you start browsing the internet to find a web designer, first understand what you are looking for. If you are running a beauty business you aren’t going to hire a web design company that focuses on creating websites for accountants.

You’ll also need to understand on what your website will run on as if you are looking to create a website that sells products on then you will be looking for a design agency that deals in WooCommerce stores, Shopify stores etc.

Once you’ve understood this then you can start thinking about personal reasons when selecting a web designer such as the time-frame you will need to create your website by and the budget that you have aside to complete the project. You’ll find that many web designer agencies will run fair pricing for business owners and many even offer payment plans so you can get the perfect website without emptying the bank and leaving yourself short.

Conduct A Google Search

The next step in hiring a web designer is loading up our trusty search partner Google and searching for website designers. It is recommend practice that you work with a web designer that’s near your local area. 

The reason for this? There are a few great reasons that come with hiring a local web designer such as you can arrange to meet face-to-face in order to talk about the project, it’s often easier to build up a business relationship with someone who lives in your local area as you have the same background and you will also be helping out local businesses around you which is always a plus.

When searching for these websites be sure to check their Google reviews beforehand, many of these web design businesses will be listed on Google Maps. You’ll be able to see people’s past experience when working with the agencies and how they operate. It goes without saying that the more five stars they have, the better the experience will be!

Be sure to AVOID using marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork and many more. You will run in to a lot of charlatans on this website looking to score a quick job to easily get paid. It’s better to hire a web design agency that’s recognised as a proper business with past experience building sites.

Check Their Past Work

Now you’ve clicked on few websites, be sure to browse through the websites. How does their website look? If their website is poorly designed and can’t run smoothly then it’s highly unlikely they’ll be able to craft you a site that’s going to perform well if they can’t make a website that helps their own business.

Many web design agencies will showcase their past work for people to see, this helps people get an idea on the designs they are able to create for businesses. It’s good to see if these web designers have created websites for people in your sector as they’ll have a better understand building a website for you.

Ask Family And Friends

Still unsure on the web designers you’ve found on Google? One of the best ways to find a good web design company is asking out to close family and friends. Know a friend that has a really good website? Ask them who created the website.

There is often nothing more trustworthy then a referral from someone they know. 92% of people trust referrals when it comes from a family or friend. A big reason for this is due to they have nothing to gain but helping someone they know have a good experience.

You can even save the time and effort of doing the last steps by just asking your family and friends straight away for a good web designer as they can put you instant contact with them due to previously working with them and start on your project right away.

Finally Contact The Web Designer

The last step in hiring a web designer is reaching out to them. You might be able to find a web designer that has a great website and solid previous work for their clients and you contact them to find they are rude and seem unpleasant to work with.

Is it really worth the stress in working with these type of people? Find a website designer that you can talk to on a personal level and is friendly when dealing with your questions.

We’ve created a guide aswell on questions that you can ask your web designer before you start working with them, these questions can help build a solid foundation on what you need to get the ball rolling to create the best website possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions to your web designer as that’s what they are there for and won’t mind answering questions as it shows you have a keen interest in building a website that’s perfect for your business.