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How To Easily Take Your Websites Homepage To Next Level

Your website is known to be the ‘online face’ of your business, leaving a first impression is crucial to any potential users that are on your site but what is often the first page that people will click on when searching for more information on your business? Your homepage.

Your homepage is arguably the most important page on your site that requires a lot of attention to make it perfect and give the user a quality experience while feeding them engaging content about your business. A homepage should establish your brand identity, you can get real creative with a homepage and think of it kind of like a second office / shop for your business. If your business is full of colour and playful you can create a website that shows off the unique points about your business.

If you’ve had the same homepage for a while and it’s grown quite stale or you are creating a website for the first time so your searching for some quick and easy pointers on how you can take your website homepage to the next level, we’ve written this article just for you.

The best thing about these tips and tricks is that they are extremely low cost or cost you nothing at all. That way you can be cost effective while smashing your goals for your business online.

Regularly Update Content To Bring It Up To Date

One of the big things that can often let a website down is that the content on there is not refreshed regularly and sometimes people can often leave content that was written years ago up which then becomes seriously out of date which can look like your business isn’t even operating anymore. 

Every three months or so, re-read the content that you’ve created on your website and update it when it needs to be. An example of this would be if you are running a restaurant, there is a high chance that you will do holiday specials for people on certain dates so naturally you would like people to know about these food specials so they can order it when they enter the restaurant but if you aren’t updating your content regularly, you are likely going to leave the specials on your website for then people to see way after you’ve stopped.

Change Your Homepage Website Design

Sometimes to improve a website you have to be bold and take a bit of risk. One certain way your site could drastically improve is if you revamp the whole current website design and make it more attractive then it previously was. This will probably be the longest in terms of time that you could spend on it with these tips due to if you change one page design then you will have to redesign all the pages in that certain design to create consistency which is needed if you want success in web design.

Alternatively, if you are looking to redesign your website completely to something that is going to improve your business then you could save yourself time trying to redo it on your own and reach out to a web designer who can deliver an amazing site while you focus on your business.

Add Images, Videos or Gifs

Sometimes the content on your website might actually be good but you feel there is something missing to take it to the next level. Adding media in certain sections of your content can help elevate it and keep readers more engaged. Many people prefer to look at images instead of reading so images such as infographics can help get information across to the user in a simple more effective way. 

Videos are also a great way that you can boost your conversions, culture today is very video orientated and what we mean by that is people are constantly viewing videos whether that’d be on their Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. When done correctly videos are interesting and allow people to engage in your content in a different way compared to text and an image. 

It’s best to always keep testing on your site which is engaging your audience the most whether that’d be text, images or videos. Be careful when adding large images to your website as images that are too large in size (above 300-400kb) can slow down your site which can cause a poor user experience.

Upgrade Your Website Speed

Sometimes the little kick that you need to boost your website is optimising it to be a lot quicker. If it’s been a while since you’ve tested your site speed or you’ve never done it before there are many tools online that will allow you to test your website speed. Many will then tell you where your website needs improving on to make it quicker. By providing a faster website, you are giving users a much better experience as they can operate around your site with no loading times which can cause people to leave the site.

There are many aspects of website that could slow down your pages everything from hosting to plugins so it’s best if you do an indepth search to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Check If Compatible Across Mobile And Desktop

Another reason why current website might not be up to it’s top standard is because it’s not compatible for people across every device. Websites today NEED to be mobile compatible, half of the website traffic is people on their mobile devices. A lot of people use Google as their trusted search partner so if they are in a rush with no desktop in sight, there first reaction is to check website on their mobile devices that can provide them with the service they are looking for. Google favours websites that are more mobile friendly and there is a higher chance that your website pages will index quicker if it’s compatible on more devices. 

If your site isn’t mobile responsive then it might be time to fully change the design of your website to make it both desktop and mobile friendly. Do not neglect half of the audience that is online by something as simple as not being responsive across all devices.