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What Are The Key Website Design Principles To Follow

When creating a website, there’s a bunch of key website design principles web developers like to follow. Knowing a winning formula can help you take clients’ websites to the next level and help you bring in more leads. There’s so many factors when it comes to website design that it can often be scary to anyone who maybe hasn’t had the experience of dealing and creating websites.

A website that’s well-designed and looks great to users can help build further trust between you and them and a website that’s designed for the user in mind can create easy navigation for them to contact you.

Making a good user experience starts by creating web design that’s optimized for usability on your site, this is making sure it works correctly on both desktop and mobile and aesthetics is also key as nobody wants to scroll through a website that’s ugly on the eye.

We’re gonna run through our key website design principles that we follow when we are creating websites for our clients.

Your Website Is Consistent

When focusing on your web design, you have to make sure it’s consistent throughout. Having a website that is consistent will create a solid brand image. Make sure everything from your heading fonts, subheading fonts, text, button styles and more are all the same on each page.

Having a style that is completely unrelated to your website can create unwanted attention to potential users on there.

Typography Is Right And Readability Is Good

Speaking of headings and text, an important principle we like to follow here is making sure all our typography pairs well together and is visually appalling to people. Choosing fonts that look cheap like the ones that come with builders such as Wix, it can already create an untrustworthy environment. After-all, imagine clicking on a website that uses fonts such as Comic Sans, you wouldn’t be able to take them seriously would you?

Readability is also important as in today’s time, it’s very rare that you can create a website page or post and you automatically rank straight into the Google top page unless your niche is uncompetitive so a lot of web designers now focus on creating websites that are SEO friendly.

You should also keep your fonts visibly appealing to the reader but also readable even with having to try and fit them tricky keywords inside your content creation.

It’s Mobile Friendly

A growing trend in web design now is focusing a lot more on making your websites mobile friendly to the user, that’s something we swear by as you will notice in 2022 that people are using their phones a lot more whether that’d be scrolling through their social media or quickly googling a service on their phone.

Not many people take their laptops out with them or want to sit down and load up their desktop to search something so it makes more sense just getting out their mobile phones and searching that way.

If you aren’t focusing on your website being friendly on all devices, there’s a super high chance that you are going to lose out to your competition who are putting the time and effort into focusing on making sure their website is friendly for all.

Quick Loading Speeds

Nobody likes waiting around, people have busy lives and want information rapidly and quickly so having a slow loading speed on your website is a big no-no when it comes to website design.

Not only does slow loading speeds lose you potential leads visiting your websites but it can also affect your space in the Google rankings as Google views your website as slow so will discourage users from viewing it.Take care of this by finding a quick hosting service, make sure your image sizes aren’t massive and do regular check-ups on your site’s speed. You can do this by visiting the PageSpeed Insights by Google which tells you how quick your site is on all devices.

Focused Content

Something that ties into the clear website aim and purpose is creating clear and focused content for users. It’s crucial that you take the time beforehand to study for the content you are about to create for your website. 

Imagine how annoyed you’d be if you visited a website thinking that you’re about to find the right information on a service but it was completely different?

Any information that you create for your website should be easy to search for, it’s specific to the target audience that you’ve created and also focuses on leading to a call-to-action.

If you have a website that has an end goal such as you want them to ring you about getting a quote for a service or you want them to email you then make sure to be writing focused content that has an end goal of supplying them the information they want but also leads to a final goal.