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8 Easy Ways To Make Your Website Show On Google

It is necessary for any business owner to have their website online as the world is constantly getting more digital by the day but getting your website to show on google is a whole different type of story. People rely on Google to be their search partner to find certain services that businesses that provide and products they wish to buy.

Having your business show up on Google can build instant trust between your business and any potential prospects. It’s not an easy task getting your website noticed by Google and can take some hard effort and time to work your way up the rankings especially if you are in a competitive niche due there are websites that have been round for a lot longer.

That’s not to say it’s completely impossible! There are a few strategies we do as web designers when creating websites that make it SEO (Search Engine Optimzation) Friendly. We’ve written this article for any aspiring web designers that are looking to hone their craft or business owners that have created their website and looking to improve on it.

Submit Your Business To Google My Business

Want a simple and easy way for Google to recognize your business online? You can enter your business details via Google My Business for people to see when either searching for your business or services.

Once you’ve completed the process of Google My Business, you will begin aswell to start showing up on Google Maps which is great if you are trying to get business from local people. When you have been verified by Google you are able to optimize it, the more complete your business listing is, there is a higher chance of you gaining more attention and clicks through Google.

Use Keywords On Your Website

Google has a big tendency for showing websites that look great & work on both desktop plus mobile but it also has a massive tendency on showing websites that focus on using keywords that are suited for specific searches.

This is called on-page SEO. Make sure you are creating pages on your website that targets a specific topic. This means the best practice before creating your page is doing in-depth keyword research tailored to your business, adding relevant keywords that people are searching means you have a better chance of your business showing up when searched for.

Post Daily On Your Website Blog

Another way to get your business start showing on Google is make sure you are creating content on your blog everyday. Creating quality content that is relevant to your business such as tips, news or even thoughts on the industry, your website can start being seen as an authority.

Every blog post is a better opportunity of being shown on Google, set aside a bit of time in your day to craft a post that ranges from 500-1000 words as this is seen as the best word count when creating blogs. You can also answer a range of questions that your audience may be thinking when searching for a service beforehand, if they see your article there’s a high chance they could end up reaching out to your business aswell.

Add Your Business Website To Directories

A free easy-way to get your business more visibility is adding your business details to directories from massive companies such as Yell or Yelp to local directories in your area. The more channels that you are adding your business, the more chance of you drumming up business.

Adding your business to directories can even help improve your Google rankings by getting your website links added on other pages with authority can give it a little boost.

Use Attention Grabbing Titles

For people to click on your website, you are going to need to create compelling titles that also include your keywords. An example of this if you are an accountant that only deals with clients that are landlords in London at affordable pricing you may want to title your homepage as ‘Affordable Accountants For Landlords In London.’

Run Google Ads

This is a tactic that comes with a cost but when done correctly Google Ads are a great investment for your business, especially if you are quite a relevantly new business in your niche you can score some pretty quick wins through ads that can help build you business and more social proof until you can cut back on advertisement spend.

While it does cost money, it’s an instant way to get your business at the top ranking of Google but the only risk is that many people avoid clicking Google advertisements and opt for businesses that are top of Google without ads they believe the business is often more reputable as they haven’t had to spend any money to get into the top rankings.

Get Reviews Through Google

When dealing with clients & customers, if you have provided a top service reach out to them and ask them to add a five-star review on your Google Business page we spoke about before. 

When dealing with directories you will begin to notice that they favour showing businesses that have good reviews on their website to potential searchers and the same goes with Google, having many quality reviews for your business is extremely important in getting up the rankings.

Reach Out To Write About Your Business On Other Websites

In your business there will be a few top blogs that are already ranking on Google and are well established in your niche. You can reach out to these and offer to write an article for them.

Providing them with quality content about your niche e.g. if you are a roofer there will be tradesmen blogs that talk about roofing, offer to write a blog post that can help people learn more about roofing. 

They will get a quality blog post free of charge and you will get in exchange a link to your website and an author bio for any other future posts. This will provide links going back to your website which Google recognises to boost up your website and the content helps their site grow. Win-win!