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Do I Really Need A Website For My Business? Yes! Here’s 7 Reasons Why…

If you have currently started up a new business venture, you may be wondering do you really need a website for it? Or you might have had your business running successfully over a certain period of time without a website which might leave you thinking ‘if I’ve been this successfully so far without having a website, do I really need one?’ Both of these situations lead to the same short answer. Yes, yes they do.

There is only so much business that you can get through word of mouth, newspaper advertisements or whatever your most successful channel is currently, as a business you need to utilising every channel so you are reaching new potential clients everyday.

Investing in a website as a business owner should be one of your main priorities whether you are a tradesman or an accountant. There are many reasons why it benefits your company, these benefits that we’ve written down can even increase based on the time and effort that you put in to your business website. 

Still not sure whether you need a website? We’ve put together these five solid reasons why you can’t keep putting off not having a site for your business.

Business With Websites Look More Professional

There is no denying when you click on a business website that is attractive and looks professional that it feels more trustworthy and this will drive you more customers as people will feel safe due to your site looking legit. Websites allow you to also show off any qualifications that you may have or awards that your business has picked up. 

Another small factor which even gives off a more professional vibe to people viewing your site is that you get your own business email when you create your own website with your domain, often people will feel put off if you are currently using a ‘gmail’ account for your business. If you are currently looking aswell to branch off and use email marketing as another channel, you will need to have your own business email to use certain email marketing tools.

Showcase Your Services

A website is an amazing way, if not the best way that you can showcase your services to potential prospects. When people browse through your website, you can write detailed information on the services that you provide and the process on how you do them. This way you can give the person on your site a better insight on how you work and means they will ask less questions beforehand as they will know how you operate.

Showcase Your Reviews

A brilliant way to build social proof which is one of the key elements when it comes to driving new business for your company is showing people great reviews that you have got in the past. One of the best ways you can showcase them for the whole world to see is through your website.

People love to hear about other peoples past experiences, if you show how many good experiences you have given your customers then they will feel more safe doing business with you. You can always add more reviews to your site aswell when you get more.

Allows People To Contact You

When running a business it shouldn’t be difficult for people to contact you when enquiring about your services, by creating a website you will have a contact page which will have all your contact information on from email, number to your business address. 

Creating this easy point of contact will mean people have a various number of ways they are able to reach out to you meaning you can create a better user experience which is always good!

It Isn’t Expensive As You Think

As website designers, one of the biggest reasons we hear when talking to small businesses is that they believe that a website costs thousands and thousands of pounds. While a mega website with 30+ pages could set you back a bit, it really doesn’t cost as much as you think.

Web design agencies such as The Wolf Of The Web help small businesses establish their online presence by creating tailored websites for an affordable price as we believe a good website shouldn’t leave your business out of pocket.

Gain New Customers Through Google

One of the main benefits that come with having a website for your business is that you have the power to attract more clients & customers through the Google search engine, people use Google as their trusted partner when it comes to finding businesses online that they can trust to fufill the service that they require. 

Many web designers will focus on creating a website for you which is SEO friendly meaning that they will optimise it from content to website speed in order for your site to have a better chance showing up for when people search. If you are unsure about how web design and SEO link together, we’ve written an article which explains how website design affects SEO.

Once you’ve created a website aswell, you can also link it up to your GMB (Google MyBusiness) page. This means when people search for your business online, Google will show your business as it recognises it through your GMB page. It will showcase your details, address, pictures and even Google reviews that people have left. 

People trust businesses that show up on Google so it’s crucial that you are creating a Google MyBusiness page for your business so that you can be recognised as a proper business by the search engine.

Encourages Long Term Success

The number of people using the internet on their mobile devices and desktops are constantly rising each year and they are always on the look-out for new content or new businesses that can help improve their everyday life.

By not having a website online that’s visible for them to see, you are potentially losing out on hundreds of potential new customers every year by not showing your business online. If you aren’t adapting to the new trends as a business then there’s a high chance that you will get left behind by your competitors sooner or later.

Websites encourages and ensures that you will get long-term success for your business by always having visibility online, find a top web design agency such as The Wolf Of The Web who can create a powerful website for your business.