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What Does UX Mean In Web Design

What Does UX Mean In Web Design

If you are learning web design or currently browsing online for website design, you might have come across the term UX. More and more website design agencies will place emphasis on providing high-quality UX and while it may seem like pointless jargon, that is far from the truth it’s crucial that web designers and your websites focus on providing high UX for people that enter your websites.

UX is short for ‘User Experience’ and is one of the largest factors when it comes to a successful website as websites that have low user experience will generally be beaten by high-quality ones in the long run. Poor user experience can actually be damaging to your business and brand aswell and a poorly designed website will be associated with your business regardless if the services that you provide are first-rate.

Definition Of UX (User Experience)

The definition of User Experience (UX) is a user experience with a business. It confines itself within all aspects of the experience of the customer including what they see, hear and the emotional reactions they display. There is a whole range of factors that can affect a user’s experience with a business but the main factors that are commonly associated with user experience are usability, value, credibility, and accessibility.

But how does this tie into web design? A website is known as the ‘online face’ of your business meaning that it is crucial that you make a good first impression on users. That is why web designers focus on making accessible websites that are easy to use and appealing to users as it is now important to give potential customers and clients the best experience possible for your business. 

There are many different ways that you can improve the User Experience on your website such as images, content, structure, buttons and more. UX is super important as visitors will leave your website soon as they realise the design is outdated or unresponsive.

Increasing Your Website User Experience

As previously spoken about in the article, there are many different ways that you are able to increase the user experience on your website. We’ve put together some tips and features that can help you boost your business website’s UX.

High-Quality Relevant Content – While it is crucial that you have an eye-catching web design that is functional. Your website content is a massive aspect of user experience. Relevant and researched content that will be beneficial to your users as it is tailored to them. By addressing their pain points and how your business & services are able to help solve them.

Add Trust & Credibility – Being able to build credibility between you and your users is important for you to be shown as a trustworthy business. Your website’s connection should be secure with an SSL certificate to show that they are able to enter sensitive information on the site and you can add images, testimonials and videos that help build trust for your business.

Easy Navigation – No one wants to go through a maze when trying to navigate through a website, make your navigation simple on your website so users can easily browse through chosen pages. You can do this by creating a nav menu on your website header, and interlinking your pages on your content and CTA buttons.

Live Chat – A surefire way to increase the overall user experience on your website which has become extremely popular in recent times is by having a live chat available for users. By being on hand to talk or answer concerns or queries they have about your business, you can start to generate more revenue and it helps build up better customer relationships.

Fully Functional – Your interface needs to work there are no two ways about it. It is all well and good creating superb content for your website but it means nothing if it is unreadable and inaccessible. You must take the time when designing a website to think about your interface. Your website should be consistent throughout with your chosen colours, font, sizes and website design to not confuse the user. 

Your website shouldn’t just be built for one device but fully responsive across all devices; desktops, laptops, mobile and tablets. Not only do search engines favour websites that are fully responsive across all devices but you are neglecting at least half of your target audience if you create a website that doesn’t work on mobile.

What Is A Good User Experience?

It is essential that you take the time to invest in understanding exactly what your target audience is and their needs plus wants out of your services or products before you start to design a website. When you fully understand what users on your website are going to be looking for, you can start designing a website that will be successful. The success of a website will largely be down to the design of your website, how your content is presented and how effective you are using elements such as images, CTAs, testimonials and more.

It takes a lot of experience and effort in being able to create the ultimate user experience for your website. We recommend that you always nail down the basics before you decide to take your website to the next level – if you want a website that performs well then make sure the overall website design is attractive to look at, easy to navigate and use and have well-researched content that speaks to your target audience.

When you start to focus on providing a good user experience for visitors then no doubt will you see a spike in revenue and organic growth of users as people will more than likely start to recommend you to their family and friends. 

We’ve helped many businesses create high-quality user experiences through their website with our web design process – if you want to hear more about The Wolf Of The Web can help your business through website design then get in touch with us today!

Doesn’t Work On Mobile

So many people today are searching Google and other search engines through their mobile devices to the point where now half of the traffic that is currently one is on mobile devices and it’s no wonder mobiles are so advanced now and it’s very easy to digest content through them people would be lost if they didn’t have mobile devices.

If people are on the move or in a hurry to find a service they aren’t going to load up their laptop or desktop but get their mobile out instead to do a quick Google search, if your website doesn’t work and isn’t responsive then they are going to exit your website to find a site that works for them. Do not lose half of your audience by ignoring mobile users, take some time out now to see if your website works fully on mobile if not then it might be time to redesign your website.

No Or Hard To Find Contact Information

It shouldn’t be hard for visitors to your website to contact you, that’s just a fact. There some be multiple points of contact available on your website from an email address, phone number, quote forms and live chats. Creating an easy point of contact between you and any potential prospects will create a simpler customer journey meaning you’ll be able to close more which only means more revenue for your business.