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When Should I Redesign My Website

When Should I Redesign My Website

When people visit your website, it should say everything about what your business is and how your services or products can benefit them. A website can often be compared to your online salesperson, it should attract any potential prospects who are interested in your services and take care of any concerns or queries they may have about working with you. If you already have a website online, you might think to yourself when should I redesign my website?

Evolution is crucial in business, you need to be making changes when you feel that you are stagnant and to keep ahead of your competition. You might have revisited your website after a while and realised there are a few problems and it looks outdated with how you wanted to be presented to the public eye. The online world moves quickly and if you are neglecting your online presence through your website then there is a high chance that you will get left behind sooner or later.

There are a few different factors that you will need to take into consideration when thinking about redesigning your website. Many people believe that you should always redesign your website every 2 years but there is no fixed answer to the question.

We’ve put together a few reasons that you will have to think about whether you believe it is time to invest in a new website design.

Why Redesign Your Current Website?

A big reason why people seek out a redesign on their website is that it aligns with their new business goals moving forward. If you have decided to do a full change to your branding, your website will need to match your new business branding. Your business website could just be seriously outdated and due to new technology and website standards raised tenfold, your site may look like something from the dark ages meaning a redesign can bring it back up to date.

There are the most common reasons we heard when people enquire about our web design services or why they need a website redesign.

New Branding

Throughout a business evolution, there is always change. Whether it’d be new typography, a new logo and more. You will then have to change all online outlets such as your social media accounts and most importantly your website. It’s crucial that you have a consistent look across your website that matches your new brand identity. If someone visits your website and clicks a link where it takes you to another page on your website where the branding is completely different it can throw them off and result in them leaving your site. 

Website design inconsistencies can weigh down the online success that your business, it’s important that if you notice your website is inconsistent then it is time for you to get a website redesign.

It Isn’t Fully Responsive Across All Devices

Mobile devices now make up more than half of the users that are browsing online meaning that if your website is not fully responsive on mobile then you are neglecting half of your target audience. Google in recent years has openly admitted that they favour websites on search engine results that are built to be fully responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Outdated websites will usually only be built for desktops so when people go on their mobile to browse them, the design will be faulty and often be completely unusable. If your website is not fully responsive across all devices, you leaving serious money on the table for your business. It is key to invest in a redesign to bring your website up to date so all users can access and use it.

Move To A New Platform

You may have built your website originally on a website builder site but with these, there is only so far that you can take your website. That’s why it makes sense to move over to a sophisticated CMS such as WordPress that allows you to build powerful websites in much more detail compared to cookie-cutter website builders.

By changing to a CMS such as WordPress you can reap amazing benefits with their advanced plugins, a more SEO-friendly platform and more. Through your traffic and business growth, it is only natural that you are going to require more functionality throughout your site in order to meet the demands of the users. An example is if you have added customer support and need to add a live chat for people to ask questions before they purchase a product or use your services.

Drive Up Your Conversion Rate

Have you noticed that you are getting a lot of traffic through your website but aren’t getting enough calls or people enquiring about your services? It can be annoying, after-all you’ve done one of the hardest parts in gaining organic traffic. A way that you can start to capture these people entering your website is by redesigning it to focus more on conversions.

What do we mean by this? There are many different tactics that you can take to boost your conversion rates which include adding testimonials, strategically placed CTAs, improved website content, new offers and more.

Do I Need To Redesign My Website?

Normally as a business owner, you know when it is time for a fresh change or if you highly relate to the common problems listed above then it may be time to be looking to get your website redesigned. A website redesign will take time, effort plus investment but it is very important to the success of your business online. 

When your website has been revamped to suit your new business goals and aligns with the new business strategy that you have put in place then you will start to see an increase in conversions, search engine rankings and more.

If you are looking for a redesign of your current website, get in touch today with The Wolf Of The Web who have successfully helped revamp many business websites across all sectors.