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Why Your Beauty Business Needs A Website Today

If you are a beautician or in the cosmetic business, it’s important that you have a website online for potential customers to see what services you offer and a way for them to book a time and date that’s suitable not only for them but to you as well. 

If you are just a beautician running a one person business by yourself or you have a team full of hard workers then it’s key that you are getting your business online for people to see, a lot of work people get inside the beauty & cosmetic business is often through the word of mouth which isn’t a bad thing at all but if you are wanting to grow your business then you need to be using different channels.

Having a professionally built website that’s attractive on the eyes tailored to your cosmetic business, you can reach more people that could end up being lifelong clients with you.

Quite a lot of beauticians and people in the cosmetic industry will wonder if there’s any point in having a website especially if you have a social media account on Instagram that drums you up business that they don’t realise the visibility they are missing out on by not being seen online and on Google.

Often a lot will just not have the time to sit down and create a website that they find worthy of representing their business or don’t know where to start on how to even create a website. That’s why many of them reach out to a website development company in creating a website that’s tailored exclusively to them so they can sit back and run their business doing what they are good at.

But if you are still wondering why you should have a website for your beauty and cosmetic business, we’ve written this article with some great reasons on why you should start establishing your business online today.

Can Leave A Good First Impression On People

If people click on your website link inside your bio or search for your services on Google, having a well-designed website will leave a good lasting first impression that leads to more calls and bookings for your business.

A website is known as the online face of your business, if you have no website then it’s like having no face in your industry! If you also have a poorly-designed website that isn’t fully desktop and mobile responsive it could be costing you hundreds in money a year.

When you have a website, you can also register your business for Google MyBusiness which will allow you to show up on Google Maps with your location, showcase reviews + pictures and can link your website up to it for people to go and book.

You Can Show People Your Work And Reviews

If you are in the beauty and cosmetic business then you are constantly showcasing your work for people to see wherever such as before and after pictures, this helps people see the quality of the work you do for people. Having reviews and pictures that you’ve gained available for anyone to access online can help build you a good reputation around your area and will lead to more business for you.

Having a website is the perfect way to showcase your portfolio of work and reviews of people you’ve done work for. People aren’t going to allow someone to do work on something as precious as themselves without any proof or reviews so it’s crucial that you are building social proof in any way possible.

Take Bookings & Create A Quick Point Of Contact

One of the best features that come with having a website is you can create a booking form for people to pick a time and date that’s best for them to visit your business. Gone are the days of having to ring up, check through a book to see when you are available and then jot them in.

You can run everything through a booking system that you can view. You can create forms for people to upload pictures if you are running a hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation business so you can get a better view on how much you are going to quote.

Having a quick point of contact such as these can increase your leads instantly as people want a smooth experience without any fuss.

It’s A Good Investment

Now you might have heard that websites will leave you out of pocket by thousands of pounds, while some DIY website builders such as Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace and many more have many sneaky hidden fees. When you reach out to a proper web development company you’ll see that it’s actually very cost effective.

Here at Wolf Of The Web, we create you a five page website tailored to your beauty business for £500 with free hosting and then only a one time fee of £50 yearly after that. 

You will easily make back your investment tenfold and the best thing is you’ll always own your website and it won’t move anywhere!

Your Website Is Always Open

A website is always up and running, that means it creates visibility for you 24/7 for people to be able to search through your website on what services you provide and can book without having to ring you up in unwanted times.

If you currently have no website, you’ll find yourself constantly taking calls to people on how your business works and the process you do but with a website live for them to search through, a lot of their questions will already be answered meaning there’s no need for a call.

This can take off some unneeded pressure in your business.


With these reasons in mind, it’s important to stop avoiding getting your business a website, we now live in the most digitally dominated era where everything is mostly based online and Google is people’s most trusted partner when searching.

Not being available for people to see will leave your business getting left behind by ones that are keeping up with the times.