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Five Massive Reasons Why Your Website Should Have A Blog Page

Running a small to medium size business, it can be hard to find the time in the day to sit down and post daily articles on your website. You may start to wonder if it’s really even worth having a blog on your website. While it sometimes can be difficult to maintain a daily blog schedule, often the things in life that require hard work are worth it in the long road and that is exactly the deal when it comes to website blogs.

There are so many great reasons why small business owners can utilize a blog on their website. One of the biggest and most obvious reasons will be that it’s free, meaning you increase the visibility and credibility of your business through these posts and it won’t even cost you a pretty penny. Sounds good right?

You may have seen a blog in my forms, as it can be labeled as ‘press releases, articles or news’ but a blog is where any content that you publish on your website resides. We’ve put together some of our top reasons on why it’s crucial that you have a blog on your website. When creating websites for business, we always make sure to recommend to any business owner about the importance of blogging for a small business.

Increases Traffic To Your Website

Businesses that are taking time out of their day to publish daily blogs are more likely to receive traffic then ones that aren’t. Blogs can help successfully drive traffic to your site through people searching for content online.

Many search engine optimization campaigns are heavily focused on producing daily blog content with relevant keywords to your business sector. What do we mean by keywords? Most content that SEO gurus will whip up will involve searching for keywords that are related to your business, for example us The Wolf Of The Web a UK website design agency, we would post content that would relate to web design such as WordPress or website creation. That means when people would search online through Google, we’d have a higher chance to show up.

The more likely that the website blog content that you produce ranks on Google, the more likely it is that you will drive fresh organic traffic to your website and with high traffic to your website.

Traffic Into Leads

Driving traffic to your website is a difficult task but blogs can help us drive some traffic to our website for free. When we’ve acquired this traffic, having traffic on your site gives us the chance to convert them into fully paying clients & customers. Every new blog post content that you produce has the chance to generate leads by adding call-to-actions on your website. 

There are many ways you are able to turn traffic into leads and it’s all about testing which works best for your business websites. For example, a great way to warm up traffic beforehand is giving them value such as providing them with a free eBook once they’ve signed up with an email. This means once you have their contact information available you will be allowed to follow up with emails & calls leading to sales.

Establish Your Business As An Authority

By doing a daily blog on your website, you are able to answer and discuss topics that people search for when wanting to know more about your industry. If people are searching for these answers and see your business be the first to pop up then in their eyes they are going to see you as a leading authority due to giving them useful information; as you are providing them with free value then it’s more likely that they are to go into business with you.

Google will even start to recognise your business as a leading authority if you have a lot of content in your business sector and will start to rank your sights higher due to this. When crafting daily blog content for your website you are able to add internal links to other pages or blog posts on your website which can help give them a boost in traffic.

Share Content On Social Media

Another good reason why you should post daily blog content is that you can share articles & news to all of your social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. When creating this original and unique content, when shared people are more likely to engage in your content and if people enjoy your content then they could possibly share it themselves on social media which is always a bonus!

Another benefit of sharing your content on social media is that it always points back to your website so it’s a good way to generate traffic again for free. A way you can get shares is by adding social media icons to your blog posts if you wish.

Encourages Long-Term Growth

Writing and posting daily blogs, you might get a short spurt in traffic by sharing it across your social media pages but after that initial share you might be disheartened to see a drop in traffic on your content. No need to worry, one of the best features that come with blogs is that they will always be available for people to search for.

If you index your post as soon as you post it on your website, it will be in the search engines for as long as your website is live meaning people will always have the chance to see your content regardless of when you posted it. Having a bunch of blog content on your website encourages long term growth for your small business as you will have a lot of articles that can drive traffic to your website.

This means it should be a no-brainer when it comes to adding a blog page to your website if you wish to have a channel that you can manage for free and boost your traffic, ranking and authority in your business sector.